Maid & Cleaning Services
in Sacramento and surroundings

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Maid & Cleaning Services
in Sacramento and surroundings

Contact Us now
(916) 305-4981

we are a company with the highest affordable, quality & professional cleaning for our customers

How BlueCleaning Works

Our customers confirm it

In our company there were big problems with the cleaning staff, since there were people who did not attend on time. This gave a bad company image.
Since we started operations together with Blue Cleaning Technologies we have forgotten about these problems and the cleaning really dazzles


Blue Cleaning Technologies really offers me more than a professional cleaning. It gives me peace of mind and confidence!


Excellent professional service and a fair price! I recommend them 100%


Our Services

At Blue Cleaning  we’re serious when it comes to cleaning . We offer a wide range of cleaning services that take the stress out of home upkeep. Our standard cleaning includes weekly, biweekly, and monthly appointments.

Our company establishes the highest quality standards for our cleaning solutions and designs them to meet the needs of our customers, we offer commercial service in offices, schools, day care centers, bank facilities ,warehouses, retail stores, gyms, etc.

Do you need to organize any room in your home?  let us help you.
Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, library, or laundry room, Blue Cleaning can help you make it a calm and welcoming space that doesn’t overwhelm you.

If you need help with your errands from the store or you need us to pick up your food at the grocery store, do not hesitate to call us, sometimes we have unpredictable situations where we cannot leave the house or we are just not on our best days


We work with true dedication to obtain your trust and security

Save Time | Blue Cleaning Technologies

Save time

Carry out your activities without problems, we take care of the cleaning.

Security First

A properly trained professional team so you can rest easy.

Best Quality | Blue Cleaning Technologies

Best Quality

We understand that by offering quality and good service we create recurring customers

Convenient hours | Blue Cleaning Technologies

convenient hours

Select the most convenient date and time to receive our services

Satisfaction Guaranteed | Blue Cleaning Technologies

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our priority is your satisfaction. All our services are guaranteed

Convenient Prices | Blue Cleaning Technologies

convenient prices

Not only does it offer the best quality, we also offer you the best prices on the market.